Laser Engraving

We are now able to laser engrave metal with our new fiber laser from CLC Laser in Orlando. The 30 watt Tactical Armsmark allows us to surface mark as well as deep engrave pretty much any alloy.


ATF Form 1 required markings$10 Setup
$1.50 per word
Small logo (up to 2″x2″) $15 Setup
$7.50 Surface
$15 Deep Engrave
Large logo (over 2″x2″)$15 Setup
$10 Surface
$20 Deep Engrave
Custom Engraved 80% Lower*$20 Setup
$50 Deep Engrave
Plaques (NO graphics)$10 Setup
$.75 per word <10
$.50 per additional word 11 to 50
$.25 per additional word over 50
Plaques (WITH graphics)$15 Setup
$10 per graphic
$.75 per word <10
$.50 per additional word 11 to 50
$.25 per additional word over 50
Rotary (Barrels, Suppressors,
Mugs, etc)
$20 Setup
$.75 per word for surface engraving
$1.50 per word for deep engraving
(See above for Logos)

*ATF required markings, selector markings on both sides, and 2″x2″ logo is included. Customer supplies 80% lower.

We use Adobe Illustrator to lay out all of our engraving jobs. The laser reads line art formatted as .dxf files. Graphics sent to us that require extensive design and conversion will incur an extra setup charge of $55/hr.

These prices are not all inclusive. If you have a project that doesn’t fit into any category, contact us for a custom quote. We have a Type 07 FFL with SOT, so we can handle all your firearm marking needs!

You can mail your project directly to us at:

MOA Customs LLC
2323 E Rolling Oaks Ln
Layton, UT 84040

Please include return address and contact information in case we need to get clarification prior to engraving.

For Form 1 engraving, please include a copy of your Form 1 and where you would like the engraving.  If you don’t specify a font or size, we’ll just use Arial at approx  .07” tall.

Once we’re done engraving, We’ll email you an invoice with return shipping.  Once it’s paid we’ll ship your project back to you.

We do it this way so you pay actually shipping and not some over-inflated made up number. 

Here are just a few of the things we’ve been engraving.

Engraving our logo on a JDAM Tail Fin
Engraving a logo for Marksmen For Vets, a charity that builds AR rifles for our veterans
An engraving of a Japanese Oni onto a Magpul MOE Magazine. Sped up 1000x.