About Us

Our Company

MOA Customs is a disabled veteran owned company, founded in 2016.

Minute of Angle (MOA), noun: An angle, one sixtieth (1/60th) of a degree, used by marksmen as a measurement of accuracy. One minute of angle is roughly equal to 1 inch at 100 yards distance.

What we do:

MOA Customs is a manufacturer FFL with SOT focusing on custom AR platform firearms. AR builds range from budget build bugout guns to top end custom rifles in both direct impingement and gas piston operated configurations. Customers can choose an off-the-shelf Mil Spec firearm or a total custom gun with client specified components. We also produce a line of Law Enforcement models to meet the specific and demanding needs of officers ranging from the patrol officer to SWAT operators.


MOA Customs is a fantastic place. Steve really knows his rifles. His choices in parts are well priced and way above industry standards for quality. His Blackout rifles are as quiet or quieter than any you can get.

Billy Joe on Facebook

Never had a bad experience here. Great prices and best of all…. knows what the he’ll he’s talking about!

Johnathon on Facebook

If I could give MOA a 10 I would! Steve received a gun for me that I ordered online he made the receiving process super quick and easy and was very friendly he even took my husband and I down to his shop and showed us some of his guns. My husband could have stayed all day if I let him. He even invited him back to shoot some rounds another time. Above and beyond for something so simple

Sarah on Google